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Modelling Career

About Modelling . Portfolio Charges . My Model Profiles
Model Casting Calls . Support Services . Fine Art .
Model Portfolio PhotographyModel RosyS Model Portfolio PhotographyModel Geet Sana Model Portfolio PhotographyModel Nimmi
Choosing Modelling as a Career

Professionalism is the Mantra

Modelling is a serious professional career that can be pursued full time. This is a very competitive business with no guarantees and has a short life span. But one can also have a longer innings of modelling, if the model is smart enough to change with the times and trends a sensible way. Keep abreast with the happenings, even light casual talks amongst professionals gives a lead to coming trends. Look at the pro and cons and choose your path to determine your own success. One can pursue it as a part time BUT one has to be serious about keeping appointments since a lot of professionals and money is involved in a shoot. It is not a quick money spinner as many so think. Without a professional portfolio it is tough to get an entry. ADVISE: Do not save on getting a professional portfolio developed from an experienced professional photographer.

It is not Always Face, Figure and Height

Modelling is not always faces and figure.... you can still have modelling assignments coming your way if you have:

  • a fine pair of hands and fingers
  • a beautiful pair of legs, feet & toes
  • healthy teeth
  • hair
  • a great neckline
  • good pair of busts
  • curvy waist
  • hips in the ideal proportions
  • a pair of beautiful eyes
  • nose
  • lips
  • ears
  • silky smooth skin.....

  • An alert professional photographer will records these assets and all you got to do is add images of these assets of yours in the portfolio, for they could launch you in an exclusive class of its own.

Is modelling or show business only for beautiful, good looking and well proportioned people?

There is job for all types of looks, shapes and sizes all round the year. Maybe there may not be lots of work but there is work. Times have changed considerably. One can just point to as examples the current advertisements in print and TV. There is an abundant use of models with very ordinary built, looks, shapes and sizes by the companies and agencies. Look at yourself and you would find to have better looks than the ones in the ads.

But look closely at each character in the ad and you will notice that all of these people have the ability to emote, give great expressions, one cannot miss the lively expressive eyes, they know how to hold and give poses. Stony beauty is of no use in show business. One needs to understand the requirements of the concept for the visual presentation of the clients.

As in all fields there a few naturally talented but rest of us have to work hard to develop ourselves to rise above the competition. LUCK is a big factor that can not be brushed aside even the talented are let down when luck is on there. Efforts have to be made to keep things working for you keeping in mind self confidence, good PR and networking, professional attitude, being a team person (we are all a part of a bigger team contributing with our specific talents) and keep yourself well maintained. Take care of your skin, nails, hairs, hygiene, etc. Modelling is a very decent career. There are unethical people in all fields of workplaces. Show biz being glamorous the exposes are faster though exploitation is on all job profiles. Take all decisions carefully.

To help in promoting your career after a portfolio development by me, I try posting few images along with Stats, height, modelling preferences and Email address in my website www.indergopalphotography.com . The profile may not be activated online immediately due to my time constraints, so one has to bear with me. The photo shoot may be free or for a small fee as mentioned in "What-u-Get" may apply. This is another platform of an opportunity, YOU determine YOUR own success.


Talent hunting made easy for advertising agencies, companies, exporters, photographers, film and TV serial producers with valid proposals of work. The models are interested to work and take up assignments within their listed preferences. Please contact them through their mentioned Email address in profiles as this puts you directly in contact with the models..

Model Portfolio PhotographyModel Geet Sana Model Portfolio PhotographyModel RosyS Model Portfolio PhotographyModel MeghaS
Model Portfolio PhotographyModel MeghaS Model Portfolio PhotographyModels RosyS - Bhupinder Pant Model Portfolio PhotographyModel Geet Sana
About Modelling . Portfolio Charges . My Model Profiles
Model Casting Calls . Support Services . Fine Art .
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