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Tasteful Photography of Fine Art Nudes & Human Body Form Viewer discretion is advised

About Modelling . Portfolio Charges . My Model Profiles
Model Casting Calls . Support Services . Fine Art .
"Never have I found the limits of the photographic potential. Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. Always, I am on the threshold." - W. Eugene Smith
Tasteful Photography of Fine Art Nudes & Human Body Form
Viewer discretion is advised
The human form has been done over and over many times as art and there is a good reason why. We have our famous Khajuraho Temples one of the most medieval monuments of India.

A GENTLE WARNING - Viewer discretion is advised please note this section contains mature content of nudity or semi-nudity though tastefully and subtly photographed. If that is something you would prefer your children not to see, or something you would prefer not to see yourself or anyone able to see your screen, please proceed with care.

PRIVATE COMMISSIONED SHOOTS - Consider an artwork of yourself whether it be a gift for a loved one or for future reflection. You can choose to have your own ideas incorporated, in a studio or at a location. The whole experience will take place in an environment that is artistic, tasteful, safe and confidential. It is all about the light Enhancing the wonderful curves of the female body.

WANT TO BE MY MUSE as a model on my personal projects?? Muse: One of the nine ancient Greek goddesses who each represented a particular art or science. Muse is a goddess that inspires a creative artist. The source of an artist's inspiration. A guiding spirit.

Fine art painters need a live figure to paint on their canvases. There comes a time when a photographer needs before his camera for further explorations, development and advancing his photographic sighting projects with a long term Muse, who has an understanding and passion for creativity. I am in search of such attractive female/s between 20 -30 (to 35) years with a good figure for collaboration on mutual talent exchange basis for artistic nude/semi nude figure modelling. A reasonably bold minded female / female model would be a better preference. The best would of course be ballet dancer or dancer as they know how to stretch and hold the body for creative posing. Officially under age females should avoid approaching for such mutual collaboration.

If you are legally underage (under 18 or 21 years as per your country laws) or feel offended by any kind of nudity, it is advised to surf something of your tastes in World Wide Web.

About Modelling . Portfolio Charges . My Model Profiles
Model Casting Calls . Support Services . Fine Art .
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