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Modelling Career

About Modelling . Portfolio Charges . My Model Profiles
Model Casting Calls . Support Services . Fine Art .
Model Portfolio PhotographyPresentation Portfolio A4 size Model Portfolio PhotographyComposite Card Half A4 size Model Portfolio PhotographyComposite Card Half A4 size
Professional Portfolio - Polaroid / Composite Card

Professionalism is the Mantra to Success

Professional portfolio is the first and foremost requirement to enter the world of modelling or show biz and there are no short cuts. If anyone feels certain prospects in you, they will still get you before a professional photographer to develop a portfolio. Models are chosen to fit into a storyline of an advertising campaign. It is not always beauty but the characteristics of a model required for the project.

In a portfolio photographer tries to highlight the visual strengths of a model. He/she works on to discover the all over features, hands, feet, neckline, hands, etc. as we know it is not always face that counts. Tall models get an option to walk the ramp/cat walk where as shorter models usually fit the commercial advertisements as mid-shots are generally shot.

Composite Card / Polaroid / ZED Card


Modelling portfolio presentation usually consists of:

  • Minimum of A4 size prints to keep in a profile folder to present to the prospective client. Profile folder should have 15 to 20 number of images to show various aspects of your features/looks is good enough. Keep updating this profile folder by adding printed advertisements to show your modelling experience.
  • Composite Card / Polaroids / Zed Cards are about 6x8 inches size or roughly half of A 4 size. These are printed on both sides. One side has single image and other side is a collage / composite of a few images with different looks with the Model's Name, Stats (Bust - Waist - Hips measurements), Height, Modelling Preferences and Contact Information (Email, Mobile Number/s, WhatsApp). Such cards are generally left with the clients for their records as reference for future assignment calls.
  • Business Caard - I have been using business cards with photo since a very, very long time. Have enjoyed positive response with their use. I design business cards in standard business card size for models as well. The matter on card has two images in the front with all information that are on the Composite Card and its backside has one full image. Standard business card size is very practical as people buy readily available storing system of business cards. Composite cards being slightly bigger these tend to get lost under piles of papers or files let the client decide to keep it or not. Business cards are very handy to carry with us at all times can be easily shared with prospective clients.
  • Digital printing has made it very easy to update business cards replacing images after one lot of printed cards gets exhausted. Reprints with new images gives a fresh look conveying professional activity. One can have few more designs printed giving away to the particular segment of clients. I generally get ten to eleven sets of business cards printed. When there are two or more people in a meeting, with each getting a different designed card breaks ice very easily with them. Some ask for more to keep them as sovenior. I do suggest to models to use this practice since most models have many images of different looks, styles as shot in portfolio and samples of their commercial shoots. This adds weight while seeking assignments.

    What-u-Get from me on paid Portfolio Development:

  • A roughly four hour shoot in studio
  • Five looks within this time frame
  • Professional Makeup Artist till the last frame shot
  • We shoot a look till we feel satisfied but within the four hours
  • Wardrobe/dresses and accessories have to be organised by the model.
  • In case services of a fashion stylist are required for wardrobe or accessories it will be at additional costs and charges are confirmed before finalising the shoot.
  • Front and backside printed 15 numbers Hard copies in A4 size for portfolio file with name
  • Four designs of composite card with one hard print of each.
  • Standard Business card size design with roughly eight hard prints.

    Portfolio Charges

  • Charges for portfolio development is Rs. 30,000/- (Thirty Thousand only)
  • Payment Schedule: Rs. 10,000/- (Ten Thousand only) - FIRST INSTALMENT on confirming the date of shoot
  • Payment Schedule: Rs. 15,000/- (Fifteen Thousand only) - SECOND INSTALMENT before start of the shoot
  • Payment Schedule 3 (Final): Rs. 5,000/- (Five Thousand only) as FINAL PAYMENT on delivery of agreed 15 Nos. A4 size prints; 4 Nos. of 6x8 inch Composite Cards (one each design and design may vary from the samples posted); 8 Nos. of Business Card (design may vary from the samples posted); all good unedited digital image files of the shoot on Pen Drive (please carry). All edited images used in A4, Composite and Business cards will be in a different folder. Layers of a file each of Composite and Business Card are kept open so that data can be edited in future saving any possible expenses of designing by labs.

Model Portfolio PhotographyComposite Card Design Model Portfolio PhotographyComposite Card Backside Design Model Portfolio PhotographyPersonal Exclusive Calendar
Model Portfolio PhotographyModel Composite Card Model Portfolio PhotographyBusiness Card Model Portfolio PhotographyBackside Business Card
Model Portfolio Photography1-ModelComposite Card Model Portfolio Photography1-ModelComposite Backside Model Portfolio PhotographyCalendar
Model Portfolio PhotographyExclusive Calendar Model Portfolio PhotographyExclusive Calendar Model Portfolio PhotographyExclusive Calendar
About Modelling . Portfolio Charges . My Model Profiles
Model Casting Calls . Support Services . Fine Art .
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