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Model Casting Calls

About Modelling . Portfolio Charges . My Model Profiles
Model Casting Calls . Support Services . Fine Art .
"Never have I found the limits of the photographic potential. Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. Always, I am on the threshold." - W. Eugene Smith
  • e-Commerce or online sales portals or websites are in-things BUT shoots for these have very tight budgets. There is no big money for photographer, models and make up artist often shooting 25 to 70 garments in three angles to show the garment on a white background. Models interested in doing shoots for such tight budgets can send in their profile (height, stats [bust, waist & hip measurement], length of hairs including colour with latest photographs by Email. One full length, mid shot and close up face shot.
  • Look Out Notice for Stylists and Wardrobe providers
  • STYLISTS FOR FOOD & BEVERAGES AND HOME FURNISHING PRODUCTS Contact me with your profile and your samples of work. If you are new in your field, get started with me.
  • Require on a regular basis for a fashion designer label, international busty white female model/s with a good figure and a height between 5' 6" to 5' 9" for over & under bust corsets - ( bust: 34 to 36 - waist: 24 to 26 hips: 35 to 36"). also looking for an indian female model for fashion corsets within similar stats. the results will be used on his B2B and B2C website.
  • Female models of any ethnicity with fine chiseled features and figure with fair color and good skin required for Lingerie under garments (Bra / Panty). Usage: For Catalog, advertisement, posters and other related marketing platforms in India and abroad. Faces of models will show.
  • Send in your latest profile with mid shot and close up photos in either two piece or bra & panty. Suitable models will be required for a personal audition. In case you do not have the required photographs in your existing portfolio you can come for a free test shoot after seeking an appointment. No charges of any kind will be made to the model for test shoot. The images will be sent to the agency for approval by their client.
  • Also let me know your expected modelling remunerations.
  • Tall good looking fair complexioned models for T-Shirts, Tops, Sarees, Suits and Lahenga-Choli (Bust 34) for shoe string budget shoots of export oriented garments. Freshers looking for a break in modelling Email me your photos with stats [Height, Bust, Waist, Hips] and/or contact me by phone (+91 9811015395 / 93158 84430). Meet me in person in case you do not have a professional portfolio as to get a modelling assignment professionally photographed images are required in good 99 percent cases. I can shoot a few images to comply with the requirement to finalise the project offer. Images so taken will not be given to the model till the model gets selected and the project is successfully completed.
  • Corsets (above & under Bust): Regular requirement of white western female models between 5'6" to 5'9" - Bust 34 to 36 - Waist 24 to 26 - Hips 35 to 36"
  • Look Out Notice for attractive female/s between 20 to 30 or max 35 years bold minded and uncomplicated for figure art photography
  • Want to be my Muse for such projects???
  • Muse: One of the nine ancient Greek Goddesses who each represented a particular art or science. Muse is a Greek goddess that inspires a creative artist. The source of an artist's inspiration - a guiding spirit.

  • There comes a time when a photographer needs before his camera for further exploration, development and advancing his/her photographic sightings. Artistic figure/nude photography is a tough subject where photographers play with light & shadow to bring out the beauty of a woman's figure. It is an effort in capturing, preserving, and immortalising beauty of a female form. It would be great working projects with preferably a long term Muse as over the period of working together we are able to generate better creative results. But one can be join for a single project / photography session as well, who has an understanding and passion for creativity.
  • International Art Nude Category Awards: (Logos)
  • I am in search of such attractive female/s between 20 to 30 or max 35 years with a good firm figure, good bone structure for collaboration on mutual talent exchange basis. A reasonably bold minded uncomplicated person/model. Nothing wonderful than getting an exponent of Belle or some dance form or aerobics. For posing, we would work mainly in some tender and moody portraits, and some tasteful semi nudes/nudes figure art photography (anonymity will be strictly maintained in such shoots of exposure). There will be NOTHING PORNOGRAPHIC in such shoots. I personally have a distaste for anything pornographic and decline posers who have such ideas in mind. I strictly prefer anonymity being maintained where there is body exposure I am aware of creative limitations as our bonds and the system is still not mature to understand such exponents of this artistic photography. The shoots will take place on mutual convenient times and locations that are safe and secure from any interferences besides my studio. I can share hard prints with the model collaborating in such projects. There will be no exchange of monies for this artistic project. Model/poser should not expect to be paid since this a mutual talent barter. I can shoot in return a portfolio as a gratitude to participation in the project. Any outside services so involved will be paid by the model/poser. Please Email me with a few normal full length and mid shot photographs preferably with tight clothing that gives an idea of the figure and we can move on from thereon. On finalisation of talks/discussions I would require a hand written consent letter that you approached on your own without any inducement to do the art figure/nude/semi-nude shoots along with a government ID to confirm age.
  • Legally Minors/Underage posers/models please excuse as this is not for you. Such posers/models will not be entertained even you have consent from your parents / guardians.
  • About Modelling . Portfolio Charges . My Model Profiles
    Model Casting Calls . Support Services . Fine Art .
    Studio: F 311, Sector 63, Noida, (NCR/Delhi) India Mobile: +91 98110 15395, 93158 84430 E-Mail:
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